How to use mhfileopenaslayers.scm?

Caution! Don't use 2 byte character in folder name or file name.
When you reading index mode files, file colors chaged. So duplicate the last number file and re-name first number file name, read all files, and delete copied file.
  1. Files are abcd0011.png - abcd0150.png, duplicate abcd0150.png.
  2. Change duplicated abcd0150.png to abcd0010.png.
  3. Read all files, include abcd0010.png.
  4. Delete layer abcd0010.png.

About GIMP Version 1.2 - 2.0

  1. Choose Xtns- Script-Fu - Utils - files-open.
  2. This dialogue showed. First, click Filename header "...".
  3. Load the file at the beginning of the file you want to import.
  4. Turn off the part of the extension and the serial number of Filename header. "Open Image Ext" to set the extension.
    "start number" is the starting number of the serial number, "end number" to enter the number of the end of the serial number file. "number of digits" in the number of digits, I will leave the 4 this time because it is four digits.
  5. Click OK, and start loading files.

About GIMP Version 2.2 - 2.8

  1. Choose Xtns - Script-Fu - Utils - files-open(GIMP Version 2.6 - 2.8  Filters - Script-Fu - Utils - files-open).
  2. This dialogue showed. At first, click "Load from" "..." and select folder that contains the files.
  3. "Load File Type" is files extension. This time I'll load png files, so set "png" extension.
  4. Click OK, and start loading files.