From my foreign friend(About Fukushima nuclear power station and Japanese government)
Stupid people in Japan summer season at 2013

From my foreign friend

About Fukushima nuclear power station and Japanese government(From Youtube message)
exactly! the people deserve money from government after what has happen and the government has money to do so.
but being the evil assholes that they are, they wont do none of that because they don't care of anyone.
telling them to eat the infected foods is one of their evil plans. presidents and goverments everywhere are being controlled by the illuminati.
which is a satanic cult that they think that gives them power of life benefits but in reality its all a lie.
they are taught to do the evil that they do to people based on lies given to them. they don't know that satan is just a made up character from the book of lies made by human beings.
its sad how much brain washed people are that makes them do evil things. its very fucking sickening.

Stupid people in Japan summer season at 2013

Lying on icecreams.

Lying on hamburgers.

Press bar-code reader on his crotch.

Lying on icecream again.

Stand in icebox and sit on a table.

Sit on patrol car.

Get in a icebox.

Get in a icebox part 2.

Bow on the icecreams.

V-sign in the railroad.

Licking the delivery pizza.

Lying on the washers and clearners.