This page I'll write this awesome freeware.
I find this soft recently, and I don't know these freeware's details and English manual so well..

Unfortunately, now Textaizer Pro, Wordaizer and Mosaizer is sharewere. Freewere Wordizer can use A4 size, and Freewere Mosaizer can use A3 size. And about Mosaizer, this can use Smart pattern number 4. And Multiple mask can use only 6(06/01/2014).

Textaizer Pro
Picture Frame Wizard
About "Collaizer"

Presets are all saved at "C:\ProgramData\APP" directory.
Mosaizer 11's presets are saved at "C:\Users\Public\Documents\APP\Mosaizer Pro".

Textaizer Pro

Latest Version : December 2019)

Read text file and make text pic.
Download is here.

How to use?
  1. Install, and starting his software. You can see this.

  2. Click "Start Text Mosaic".
  3. "File-Save" Picture and save this image.

I'll change photo, text data and set other numbers.

  1. "File-New Open" choose this photo.

  2. "Text-New Text" and choose text file.
  3. Change setting numbers, Size Multiplie "2.0", Line Distance "10", Font Size"8", Match Engine doesn't change, Chaoticness "10", Dynamics "6" and click start.

If you set "Size Multiplier" large number, "Font Size" bar right side change yellow. Maybe this is caution. You better to avoid large number.

Right side there're ASCII, Word etc tab but now when these tab clicked, sometime error window appeared(2011/12/2).

Details :
Default screen(new)(I only changed red-circle place)

Change line distance "13" and font size "8".

Text mosaic settings
Size multiplier : 0.5
Size multiplier : 2.0
Line distance : 4
Line distance : 50
Font size : 14
Font size : 25
Match engine : Luminance
Match engine : Dynamic
Match engine : Fixed
Chaoticness : 1
Chaoticness : 25
Dynamics : 1
Dynamics : 10

Text mosaic options
Font change : 1
Font change : 10
Color much engine : middle
Checked "Random chars"
Checked "Use quick text"
Checked "Keep words"

Text mosaic options(Checked "Apply circler text")
Checked "Don't rotate-"
Circle Density : 4
Circle Density : 30
Kerning : -20
Kerning : 30

How to create beautiful text mosaic??
  1. The number of "Size multiplier" setting bigger as possible.
  2. Line distance setting big number at least not overlap chars.
  3. Chaoticness and Dynamics made unique mosaic.
  4. The number of "Font change" don't setting big.
  5. Click "Start Mosaic" and change settings numbers.
I made this.

I recommend if you try to made circle text mosaic, "Match engine" settings "Fixed".


Latest Version : December 2019)

"Wordaizer: from text to word cloud with a twist" from official site. Download is here.

How to use?

Install and start up this soft.
I noticed : Word Amount is decided by variety of source text file.

  1. Click left bottom "Start".
  2. "File-Save Picture" and save image.

Something cloud was made. I'll read photo and change setting numbers.

  1. "File-New text file" and choose text file. (If you choose same text file, second time you can choose "File-Open text file").
  2. "File-Open Picture" and choose photo image.
  3. "Masks-Load Mask" and choose inverted photo image.
  4. Click "Shape" and set Amount "Max Value", Font size "0.5", Min word length "3", Size Range"Biggest".
    Canvas size "A6", Density "95%". This setting Wide Angle should be "0". If this changed, Wordaizer is freezed. If you wanna change you change Density under "80%".
    Ledt middle Mask set "On-the-fly mask".
  5. Click Start.

Colors tab can change words colors.

On my PC, this soft messaged errors many times..

Such elements in the processing time:Over 80% Density, huge Wide Angle setting, and checked Random angle.



Make mosaic art from many photos. Download is here.
Online help is here.

How to use?
How to create library?
More use.

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Update log
12/11/2018(v15.0.0.54) Fully redesigned, automatic supersize, separate mosaic video(Mosaizer 12 Project files can't read Mosaizer 15).

01/11/2014(v11.0b185) Mosaizer can read movies.

09/01/2013(v10.0b173)Widened the width-heigh ratio of the cells, now ranging from 0.25x to 4x(Pattern tab).Added "Degree of flip" on Color tab.

03/24/2013(v10.0b169)Transparency fully implemented, PNG image can use in library etc..see REXDME.TXT.

12/21/2012(v9.3b155)Changed "Number of levels" max number 6 to 4..??

11/13/2012(v9.2b152)Angle and resize can't use without check Mask in Maks tab.

07/01/2012(v9.2b149)Added "Merge Library" and "Library info".

06/30/2012(v9.2b148)Right-bottom mosaic created moreexactly.

06/04/2012(v9.2b146)Right-bottom mosaic created exactly.

05/28/2012(v9.2b144-5)Improved the controls for very tall/wide sources in 'super mosaic'(From README.TXT)

04/??/2012(v9.2b143)Improved the quality of the mosaic edges for random grids.
Improved mask resize for smart grids, etc.(From README.TXT)

04/14/2012(v9.2b140)(Improvement in black and white(from README.TXT. I'll compared and showed old and new version))
v9.2b138  v9.2b140

04/04/2012(v9.2b138)(When use Smart Patterns, Amount low number limited)

04/03/2012(v9.2b137)(Multi-Mask-Selection, modified Alpha can use)


03/31/2012(v9.2b133)(Very serious problem settled! After version9, a lacked mosaic created, v9.2b133 this bug settled completely!)

03/27/2012(v9.2b132)("Black and white optimized" added at Tile matching method. And library error doesn't occurred(But only can use alphabet mosaic file titles))

03/24/2012(v9.1b131)(From history, "error revoved in library creation", but my PC doesn't work..)

03/20/2012(v9.1b128)(Added "Delete" to Library, and added "Reset to Default" to Project in Menu)

03/07/2012(v9.1b127)(New future : "Unpredictable colors" added at Tile matching method)

02/20/2012(v9.1b126)(Press F2, you can see Help, this titled version8, but content is about version9).

02/19/2012(v9.1b125)(Now I'll send this soft and other soft bug reports.)

02/03/2012(v9.1b124)(..........I tried to install C and D drive, but I can't find tabs.....)

01/28/2012(ver.9.0b119)(......I can't understand how to set the mask, the color, etc..)

01/04/2012(ver.9.0b118)(I can't reccomend it... now, there is no manual about version 9.)

12/17/2011(ver.8.2 build 100)


Click "Special functions" and unchecked "Start Wizard", old interface(Version8) showed.

Version 9 new future
  1. Multiple masks can use.
  2. Calculate quickly and create new mosaic like this(Level : 2-6, but mosaizer doesn't create to use image rotate).
  3. PNG format can use as a mask.
  4. PNG format source image can use.

About errors

How to use it?

  1. Install and start this soft.
  2. Read an image.

  3. Click left-top "Start" button. And mosaic image is made. Original mosaic images are installed with this soft.
  4. "File - Save Mosaic" and save mosaic image.
    Click this image and watch original big image(size 906KB).

This is basic usage.

How to create mosaic library?

(My PC, 9.1 build 128 and build 134-143 doesn't work normally. If your PC occured same thing, download build 127 version from official site bottom. Or first, choose pictures drive(C drive or D drive) and click "Exit". Next time, library showed. I recommend to use latest version).

Rare case, dat file doesn't update when replace choosed. If it's occurred, delete old dat and lst files and create new library.
  1. Click "Library" in menu and choose "New".
  2. Choose picture folder and click "Analyze folder".
  3. Analyze started.

  4. I reccomend to checked "Resize pictures". This option is create new resize pics. Create pictures size set to "New picture size(default : 96x96pixel)". And after click "Make Library".

  5. Enter create library name and click "Save".

  6. If you checked "Resize pictures", this window appeared. Choose to save new pictures directory and click "OK"(Directory can change later).

  7. See setting directory, new pics created.

This time I craeted 96x96, but I reccomend 200x200pixel :)

More use

Quality tab
Colors tab
Masks tab
Patterns tab
Specials tab


About Quality tab.
Quality, Variety, Cell size, Amount, Range : You watch online help.
Tilesize Multiplier :
Tile matching method :
Random tiles
Optimized distribution
Force to use all pictures
Full Randomization
Unpredictable colors
Black and white optimized

About Colors tab.
You can set background color and grid color.

About Masks tab.
Added Mask
Checked "Start angle"
Checked "Resize min"
Checked "Alternate mask rotation"(1/4)

About Patterns tab.
Checked "Random grid" and set intensity 60
Checked "Use smart pattern"
Checked "Use smart pattern" and set "Accuracy" 1
Checked "Use smart pattern" and set "Accuracy" 9

About Specials tab.
Checked "Cell size"
Checked "Cell size" and set size 8
Checked "Cell size" and set size 64
Checked "Use a single cell"

Recommended point!! :
Proccess is very quickly, and create is very easily!
This soft prepared mosaic create photos. And Official site prepared other mosaic photos.
Version 9, Multiple masks can use.
Version 9, new mosaic pic like this page can create. And mosaizer is very quickly than this soft(past time I used trial version)!
This soft can create mosaic library pics automatically.

Cons(04/01/2012) :
Many errors occured(Latest version error reduced).
Version 9, colorize changed. I miss old version(Using mosaic tiles change after version 9??).
Maybe this soft's weak point is black color. Always black color replaced red pics(Ummm....maybe improved version 9 : Maybe this is my created library's problem. Used original library, black color mosaic created).
Progressing mosaizer, CPU is very busy(Other mosaic create soft also use CPU).
Bugs are exist.

Still persist bugs(If it's resolved, change sentence color gray)(04/23/2012) :

I replied from mosaizer creator, and I wrote about it.
And this is only my opinion(and thought about this software)(If it's resilved, change sentence color gray).

I try and experiment this soft now. My PC, this soft often showed error message and freezed(2011/12/10).
(After, I updated this soft 2011/12/17, and now, error messages reduced).
But this soft is awesome I ever see many freewares.
I made some images(Click and see big images).

Size 1.31MB

Size 718KB(v9 is here)

Size 837KB(v9 ishere)

Size 966KB

Size 759KB

Size 285KB

Size 1.35MB

Size 815KB

Size 1.31MB

Size 1.81MB(v9 new!)

Size 1.15MB(v9 new!)

Size 1.21MB(v9 new!)

Size 1.49MB

Size 1.17MB

Picture Frame Wizard

Latest Version : v2.0 build 63(20 May 2013)

Added many frames to your photos. Download is here.

How to use?
  1. Install and start up this soft.

  2. Click explorer(right), and choose a folder(left) that pictures are exist.
  3. Choose one picture and right click. Choose "Load in fun frame".
  4. Choose your favorite frame and drag frame to picture.
  5. Click "Save"(this place is right-bottom), and save this picture.


My PC can't start "Collaizer". And "Pattaizer" I can't understand how to use at all. These soft I don't explain now.

Additional information!(02/19/2012)
Now I noticed "Collaizer" run on my PC! If I have a chance, I'll write about this software.
.........after latest Vista OS update, Collaizer doesn't run again..