Always run program as an admnistrator
Can't install Java!!
Change Browser's font size
Change file attributes
Command chkdsk
COMPARE PC!?!? SONYvsFujitsu
Control Vista User account
How do I enable Java in my web browser?
How do I enable JavaScript in my browser?
How do I enable PC hibernate mode?
How To Change Taskbar Color In Windows 10
How to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome
How to run Flash on Google Chrome
How to turn on the Pop-up Blocker
I CAN'T UPDATE Windows Vista!!!!!!!
Image formats
Run compressors "with low priority"
Stop to do on your PC!!!
Use command prompt!
Use favorite editor when right-click FireFox and choose "View page's source".
Windows Vista trivia!?!?
Why are computers slow to come back from hibernate?

How do I enable JavaScript in my browser?

IE(Version 9)
  1. Click "Tools" from the top menu.
  2. Choose "Internet Options".
  3. Click on the "Security" tab.
  4. Click on "Custom Level".
  5. Scroll down until you see the section labeled 'Scripting.'
  6. Under 'Active Scripting,' select "Enable" and click OK.
  1. Click the spanner icon on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select "Options".
  3. Click the "Under the Hood" tab.
  4. Click "Content Settings" in the 'Privacy section.'
  5. Select Allow all sites to run JavaScript in the 'JavaScript' section.
  1. Select "Tools" from the top menu.
  2. Choose "Options".
  3. Choose Content from the top navigation.
  4. Select the checkbox next to "Enable JavaScript" and click OK.

How to turn on the Pop-up Blocker

  1. Click "Internet Options" on the "Tools" menu.
  2. Click the Privacy tab, and then uncheck "Block pop-up windows" box.
  1. Click wrench icon and choose "options".
  2. Click "under the hood" tab.
  3. Click "Content settings" in "Privacy"
  4. Choose "turn on pop-ups".
  1. Right-click on Firefox's bar and check "Menu bar".
  2. Click "Tools" menu and choose "Options".
  3. Click on "Content" and uncheck "Block pop-up windows" box.

Control Vista User account(Vista only)

Use "Norton Labs UAC Tool". Download is here. Download soft can install when you double-click it.
When you use a soft, Norton Labs asks "Windows needs your permission to continue." If you don't wanna see it, check "Don't ask me again". Next time, no window appears.
CAUTION : Now(04/11/2017) Vista support has ended. So you should upgrade Windows8 or Windows10 version.

I CAN'T UPDATE Windows Vista!!!!!!!


Recently, (from November 2011?) when I try to update Windows Vista, an error occurs. I retry it, this is no change.
(A part of update can't install.
Success one update program.
Failure one update program.
Error code : 80070490)

I tried many things.

Download update file and install

Failure update program number is "KB2492386".

I searched and I found Microsoft's download page.
Downloaded this file and double-click to run this file......ooooooh......install failed!!!!!!

Install Windows Vista version system upload tool

I found this page.

"This tool is being offered because an inconsistency was found in the Windows servicing store which may prevent the successful installation of future updates, service packs, and software."

I tried to download ti and installed. This succeed.

And I retried downloaded "KB2492386" update file........install failed again.....(12/10/2011)

I searched help about this error message. And I found it.
If you receive Windows Update error 80070490, it means that a file (CBS Manifest) that's needed to install updates is corrupt.
To correct this problem, you'll need to repair Windows. Repairing Windows won't damage your personal files or the programs that are installed on your computer.

...??? I should repair Windows Vista??
This is from help writings.
  1. Close all programs, and then restart your computer.
  2. Insert the Windows DVD into your computer's disk drive. Wait for Setup to start. If Setup doesn't start automatically, follow these steps:
  3. Click Start, and then type Drive:\setup.exe in the search box. Replace Drive with the letter of your computer's DVD drive (for example, D:\setup.exe).
  4. In the Programs list, click Setup.exe.
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. Click Go online to obtain the latest updates for installation (recommended).
  7. If you are asked for it, type the Windows Product key.
  8. In the Which kind of installation do you want? window, click Upgrade.
  9. When the installation is complete, restart your computer, and then run Windows Update.
My PC is pre-install version, and I don't have Windows DVD. Oooooh......WHERE IS WINDOWS DVD?????

I have no Vista DVD! After all I recovered C drive!! And an error occured on Windows Updating.
Error code : 8007000E(Not use to click button and download file.)
This error occured to install "Windows Vista Service Pack1". Maybe, Vista's sidebar interrupted this update. I used taskmanager and stopped sidebar, and after install succeded.
(70 important programs selected. 199.1MB)

(37 important programs selected. 169.3MB)

First update, Windows required to install over 100 update programs!!!!!!
All update tooks over 2 hours!! I'll search to re-install OS more quickly.

For the present, I suceeded to install "KB2492386" program!

I found a freeware. This can backup the whole of C or D drive.
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition
If I have a chance, I'll write how to use this freeware.
02/21/2012 : I wrote about it! See this page!

New error occured.
Error code : 0x80242006
net stop wuauserv
CD %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution
Ren Download Download.old
net start wuauserv
This 4 lines copy and paste on notepad etc, and save destop. Format is "bat". Filename doesn't care. And right-click this .bat file, then choose "Run this program as an Administrator".
Install succeded...and next is....

Error code : 0x80246008
I can find this error's information from Windows Help.
  1. Open [management tool](Start - Control panel - System and maintenance - Management tool).
  2. Double-click [service]. If password is requied, enter this.
  3. Right-click [Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)] and click [Property].
  4. Confirm to choosen [Automatic (Delayed Start)], the side of [Startup Type] in [General] tab.
  5. Confirm to started this service. If service isn't start, click [Start].
My PC, this service started........and I noticed that one soft's window "Install is success." is opened.
I clicked "OK" and close this window, retried update....succeded :)
This error's site is here.

And next...... is.
Error code : 0x80240016(Not download Microsoft Fix it!)
Read after "To stop and restart a system program..."
Command Prompt is in "Accessory".
net stop wuauserv
net start wuauserv
Input this 2 lines and close Command Prompt, and retried update.....succeded :D

An errors occured :(
Error code : 13EC
I found this page.
Microsoft doesn't write about this error :(
I downloaded instaler from this page (clicked Windows Vista "Download SP2 32-bit").
I tried to install, and show this message "SP2 is already installed". ...Now I retired to install this service pack 1.
This is Visual Studio SP1, not important.

Use favorite editor when right-click FireFox and choose "View page's source".

  1. Inout URL "about:config" and press the enter key.
  2. If you see "Caution!", no care about it. Click this button.

  3. Set "view_source.editor.external" false to "true"(Right-click it and choose the top).
  4. set "view_source.editor.path". Right-click it, and "change value", input editor's path.
  5. Re-start Firefox.
(This is same option of Internet Explorer's notepad etc.)

Change Browser's font size

Google Chrome
  1. Click tool mark and choose "Options".
  2. Click "Under the Hood" tab. There is font-change option in "web contents". Click "customize font", and set fonts size.
  1. Right-click on Firefox's bar and check "Menu bar".
  2. Click "tool" and choose "option".
  3. Click "contents" and change font-size. Or customize your font-size or font-color.

Image formats

gif : CompuServe Graphic Interchange
jpg : Joint Photographic Experts Group
png : Portable Network Graphic
tga : Truevision Targa
tif : Tagged Image File

Stop to do on your PC!!!

COMPARE PC!?!? SONYvsFujitsu

SONY(2002) and Fujitsu(2007)
This is Fujitsu

Windows Vista trivia!?!?

Always run program as an admnistrator

  1. Right-click exe file, and choose "Property".
  2. Click "Compativility" tab, and check "Run this program as an admnistrator".

How do I enable PC hibernate mode?

  1. Click "Start"
  2. Click "All Programs" - "Accesories" - "comand prompt"
  3. Right-click "comand prompt" and choose "Run this program as an administrator".
  4. Command prompt window is opened. Input "powercfg /hibernate on" and press enter key. You can choose hibernate mode.

Command chkdsk

  1. See this No.1-No.3.
  2. Command prompt window is opened. Input "chkdsk c:", checked C Drive's error.
    Input "chkdsk /f c:", Repaired C Drive's error.
    Input "chkdsk /r c:", find bad sector and repaired readable drive's data(It takes time, if you wanna stop, click command prompt "X" icon).

How do I enable Java in my web browser?

  1. Click "Tools" and choose "Internet Options".
  2. Choose the "Security" tab, and click "Custom Level" button.
  3. Scroll down to Scripting of Java applets.
  4. Make sure the Enable radio button is checked.
  5. Click "OK" to save your preference.
  1. Click on the wrench icon, then choose "Options".
  2. Click "Under the Hood" tab and click "Content Settings".
  3. In the Plug-ins section, select the Disable individual plug-ins link to check whether Java is enabled.
  4. Click on the Enable link(if the Disable link appears, Java is already enabled).
  1. At the top of the browser, select the Firefox button (or Tools menu in Windows XP), then Add-ons.
  2. In the Add-ons Manager tab, choose "Plugins".
  3. Click Java (TM) Platform plugin to select it.
  4. Click on the "Enable" button(if the button says Disable, Java is already enabled).

Change file attributes

Add system attribute Delete system attribute Example : attrib D:\new.txt +s +h
Example2: attrib *.ini +s +h


Use command prompt!

attrib : See this.

chkdsk : See this.

comp : 2 files compare.
Example : comp D:\new.txt D:\old.txt

Option copy : Copy the files, and combime other files.
Example : copy D:\new.txt D:\new2.txt
Example2: copy D:\new.txt + D:\old.txt D:\new22.txt(Combine "new.txt" "old.txt" and save "new22.txt")
Example3: copy D:\*.txt D:\text\

Option expand : Extract archive file.
Example : expand -r D:\new.tx_ D:\

Option find : Find specified string from the file.
Example : find "23" D:\new.txt

Option recover : Repair the file(Need an administrator mode(1-3)).
Example : recover D:\new.txt

taskkill : Terminate process.
Example : taskkill /im iexplore.exe /f
> filename.txt : Save comandline writings to text file.
Example : dir > dir.txt
Example2: attrib > D:\attribcontents.txt

Run compressors "with low priority"

How to run Flash on Google Chrome

Installed latest FlashPlayer but Chrome required to install FlashPlayer.
  1. Imput Chrome address bar "about:plugins ".
  2. You can find Adobe Flash Player plugin, so check "Always allow execution".
Latest Windows10(08/11/2019).
  1. Click the left of Chrome URL icon("i" rounded by circle).
  2. A popup will appear, sellect the "Allow" button.
After 2021/1/10, Flash can't run on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and IE..

Can't install Java!!

Windows 10 updated December 2018, Java can't install(12/30/2018). I found this site.
  1. Check 'Java 8' on the site, 'Runtimes'.
  2. You can find on the bottom of screen 'Get your Ninite', click and download 'Ninite Java 8 Installer.exe'.
  3. Double click 'Ninite Java 8 Installer.exe' and you can install Java.

How To Change Taskbar Color In Windows 10(08/11/2019)

  1. Right click on desktop and then click Personalize option to Personalization section of Settings app.
  2. Click colors(in the left pane).
  3. Choose color "custom", and choose "default Windows mode" dark.
  4. You can choose the bottom menu, "start, taskbar and action center", so select this.

How to stop unwanted notifications in Google Chrome(10/22/2019)

  1. Open the Google Chrome Settings page(Click three vertical dot icon at the top right - choose settings).
  2. Click Show advanced settings(At the bottom).
  3. Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.
  4. Click Notifications.
  5. Choose you want to block notifications, choose "block" or "delete".

Why are computers slow to come back from hibernate?

May be caused by wallpaper slideshows that are too large.
  1. Stop using large wallpapers for slideshows.
  2. Resize large wallpapers to small size(example : 4000px x 3000px to 1600px x 1200px).