project dogwaffle is free graphic soft(PD Pro is Shareware). Many web sites introduced as "Drawing water paint soft", but this soft can write unique things.

Official page is here.
dogwaffle can download from this page, Project Dogwaffle 1.2.
If you wanna use PD Pro Demo version, here is download page.

2014/08/09, Free Version updated. Download is here.
This version on Windows10, when brush changed, dogwaffle is frozen. So replace this dll file. (You should backup old dll file).

Old version 1.1b is here.
Use Optipustics control
Window - Optipustics control(Click keyboard "i"), a window displayed. Choice tub "Particles" and checked "Enabled". And you can draw this!
This is only I draw canvas by PC mouse. It's very easily!
Under button "Settings" many brushes can choice and use. And brushes can download from dogwaffle page. Click "Fractal Particle Brushes".

I draw a tree(Use brush "Fan")

♦I uploaded new brushes! Include Fan,Tufts
burt_presets, moreGrass, tundra_grass_fall changed for old version 1.1b

The difference of Free Project Dogwaffle1.1b and shareware PD Pro.

1. Free dogwaffle can't use layers.
2. PD Pro's Optipustics control, there is Shading check box, and this can draw Shade things.
(Up : No check. Down : Shading checked.)
3. Free dogwaffle can't use image's drag and drop!
4. Free dogwaffle can't use "Media manager".
Example for Media manager
5. Free dogwaffle can't use "Animated Brush"(This is same "Painter's image hose", GIMP's Pipe brushs).
6. Free dogwaffle can't use "BrushManager" from "DoggyBag"(Add Plug-ins).
7. Free dogwaffle can't load Paper's texture effects.

This images used Project Dogwaffle2.0's Demo Version(Now this demo version is nowhere).

I heard that free Project Dogwaffle1.2released, I downloaded, installed, and used......where is emboss drawing brushes???

Used project dogwaffle1.1 emboss brush.

project dogwaffle1.1is here.
Decompress and double-click "SETUP.EXE".

when you click the place that is enclosed in red, install started.
This can use on OS Windows Vista.