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Update log

14.07.19Added old-paper.scm
Added script-fu old-paper.scm to "Decor" in "Useful script-fu4".
14.02.08New script-fu mhfileopenaslayers.scm
Uploaded new script-fu mhfileopenaslayers.scm to "Others1".
14.01.02Updated electricity-logo.scm
Added electricity-logo.scm an animation mode.(Useful script-fu).
13.12.27Updated incandescence.scm
Improved several bugs and changed "Dilate" and "Erode".(Useful script-fu).
13.12.23Updated mhlogo-1.scm
Updated mhlogo-1.scm to use 2 gradients.(Logo1).
13.11.25Updated titix Button and Effects
Some "titix Button and Effects" script-fu changed(Useful script-fu2).
13.11.23Updated mhcrossprocess.scm
Added mhcrossprocess.scm "normal", "light", "heavy" version and uploaded to "Others2".
13.11.09Updated 60s Text.scm
Added 60s Text.scm shadow blur, shadow offset and uploaded to "Useful script-fu4".
13.05.06Updated mhcoral.scm
Changed mhcoral.scm for use image(include Alpha channel) and uploaded to "Logo1".
12.11.013 new script-fu
3 new script-fu created. Uploaded "mhpaint.scm" to "Logo1", "mhshapes.scm" to "Others1". And uploaded "mhfakeHDR.scm" to "Others2".
12.10.25New script-fu mhclinkle.scm
Uploaded new script-fu mhclinkle.scm to "Others2".
Modified some scripts.
12.10.22New script-fu mhland.scm
Uploaded new script-fu mhland.scm to "Others2".
12.10.22New script-fu mhland.scm
Uploaded new script-fu mhland.scm to "Others2".
12.10.18New script-fu mhphototiles.scm
Uploaded new script-fu mhphototiles.scm to "Others2".
12.10.12New script-fu mhwrapeffect.scm
Uploaded new script-fu mhwrapeffect.scm to "Others2".
12.10.09Uploaded new version script-fu incandescence.scm
Uploaded version 2.6-2.8 script-fu incandescence.scm to "Useful script-fu".
Modified kaleidoscope.scm at "Useful script-fu".
12.10.06New script-fu mhwaterpat.scm
Uploaded mhwaterpat.scm to "Others1".
12.10.03Updated mhTextEffect.scm etc..
Updated mhTextEffect.scm at "Logo2".
Modified gradient error and other things of mhgold.scm, mhplastic.scm at "Logos2".
12.09.21About mhcutout.scm
Added new variable "paint mode" to mhcutout.scm at "Others2".
12.09.20New script-fu mhcrossprocess.scm
Uploaded new script-fu mhcrossprocess.scm to "Others2".
12.09.19New script-fu mhchrome.scm
Uploaded new script-fu mhchrome.scm to "Logo1".
12.04.22Modified mhsketch.scm for GIMP version 2.0-2.6 at "Others2".
Modified some errors of mhsketch.scm for GIMP version 2.0-2.6.
12.04.22Modified wax-seal.scm for GIMP version 2.0 at "Useful script-fu2".
Modified some errors of wax-seal.scm for GIMP version 2.0.
12.01.13mhtranspla.scm at "Logo2".
Added color density to logo version. Added original image's color density to image version.
11.12.20Updated titix Button and Effects at "Useful script-fu2".
Limited titix Button and Effects script-fu's set numbers.
11.12.19Modified wax-seal.scm for GIMP version 1.2. And changed wax-seal.scm at "Useful script-fu2".
Modified fatal error of wax-seal.scm.
Changd when process wax-seal for image, original image saved.
11.12.18Remake mhiText.scm for GIMP version 1.2-2-6 at "Logo2".
Adjusted script-fu mhiText.scm's numbers.
11.12.10Modified mhmetalic.scm for GIMP version 2.0-2.6 at "Logo1".
Modified script-fu mhmetalic.scm for GIMP version 2.0-2.6.
08.01.09Modified 24mhcutout.scm at "Others2"
Modified 24mhcutout.scm's error.
07.11.20Updated "Useful script-fu".
Added several script-fu to GIMP version 2.2 and 2.4.
07.11.18New uploaded plastic-logo.scm etc.. at "Useful script-fu".
Modified a few errors in plastic-logo.scm and new version uploaded.
Uploaded "gothic.scm", "experience.scm" and 5 script-fu(for GIMP version 2.4) from "abc du Gimp - les script-fu expression" at "Useful script-fu".
07.11.17mhcutout.scm at "Others2"
A part of changed mhcutout.scm.
07.11.03Script-fu for GIMP version 2.4.
Modified many errors and uploaded script-fu for GIMP version 2.4 .
(Without mhgold.scm and mhplastic.scm)
06.06.03Changed and modified mhcoral.scm at "Logo1".
Modified an error to choose background mode "gradient"(GIMP version 2.x).
Choose coral logo's cracking.
06.05.24Modified mhspheres.scm at "Others1"
Modified color to change mode to "mosaic".
06.05.03Modified mhtranspla.scm at "Logo1".
Modified shadow's color to changed hue's value.
06.04.30Changed mhcoral.scm at "Logo1".
Added shadow effect.
06.01.16Modified irregular_slab.scm version 2.x at "Useful script-fu".
Modified logo's vertical line from MODE "Lighten Only"'s bug.